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Holtey No.98 Smoother
A27 Bullnose plane
A27 Group.

A27 Side view.

A27 bullnose plane

At long last these six bullnose planes are complete. It had been my intention to make this plane for a long time and I must confess that this project has been a bit of a vanity exercise. I am not aware of dovetailing having been used for this type of plane before.

This is a very delicate plane and its use is very specialised - certainly not recommended for the shuttering carpenter! There are only six planes and due to the excessive amount of work it will stay at six. Please see the blog for more details of the making of this plane, though I found little time for photos.

A27 Group.

This plane was traditionally a casting and not dovetailed, although I have seen a chariot plane by Spiers that was dovetailed.

This plane has the advantage of having a badgered mouth on both sides, as on a rebate plane. It can gain greater access due to it's smaller toe. Much sought after by cabinet and instrument makers and was produced by most of the early makers.

It was only Norris that incorporated an adjuster in this style of plane. With its adjuster it makes a very desirable balanced hand tool. These photographs show one of only six planes from my original batch and a couple from my recently completed second batch of just six A27 dovetailed planes.

A27 From my first batch of 6 planes. A6 Dovetailed with bowood infill.
A27 - From my first batch of 6 planes. A27 - From my second batch of 6 dovetailed planes.